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MICA The Idea

Malaysian Indian Cine Awards.

Malaysian Indian Cine Industry has taken many leaps to what it is today and getting matured year by year producing quality movies.Thus MICA strives to give talented Malaysian Cine team the honour and the credibility they deserve.

MICA Awards will be an annual event provided we have at least 6-8 quality movies out on Malaysian theatres in that particular year.The winners are decided by a panel of International Jury appointed by organisers. While winners in a separate category named 'Most Popular Awards' are chosen by public voting.There are total of 32 awards will be given in different categories and promises to be an event that will elevate the standard of Malaysian Indian Cine Industry

MICA Objective

Malaysian Indian Cine Awards.

To HONOUR excellence in Malaysian Indian Cinema Industry

To PROMOTE Malaysian Indian Cinema Industry and its unique voices to a worldwide audiences

To ENCOURAGE the people in Malaysian Indian Cinema Industry to produce more quality and entertaining movies

To ENRICH the Malaysian Indian Cinema Industry by bringing the deserving stars to the spotlight